Pennyroyal Scuba Center

Nestled in the heart of bustling Hopkinsville, KY is a scuba diver’s paradise. It’s hard to believe you can find such a unique water feature in a landlocked state. Pennyroyal Scuba Center is a former rock quarry that was flooded, and several attractions sunk for your underwater enjoyment. A motorcycle, van, truck, telephone booth, RV, school bus, firetruck and several boats are just a few of the points of interest.

But you’ll be entertained beyond just swimming through a sunken yacht; there are other features like a swim through pipe and a couple pipe diamonds to test your buoyancy and trim. What keeps me the most entertained is the basketball hoop and bowling balls. Yup, you read that right – YOU GET TO PLAY BASKETBALL UNDERWATER! Your dreams of dunking can finally come true, with a little help from buoyancy. Check out an inventory/map of all featuresĀ here. But check out my best LeBron James impression below.

Beyond the great underwater features, Pennyroyal offers lots above water too. The check-in is seamless. Make sure to complete your online diver registration beforehand so your fancy ID card can be created before you arrive (Diver Registration). When it’s extremely busy during the hot summer months, you’ll find someone in an outside building checking divers in from the comfort of their vehicle (a diver drive-thru, if you will). If you’re a new diver, need to rent equipment or have other needs, head inside for special attention. Owner Dennis and Kris Tapp (a father-son duo) will make you feel right at home.


There is plenty of shelter to shield you from the sun and lots of room for your tank (at a very nice height for the vertically-challenged). You have a couple different entry/exit points too. There’s a shallow area with sandbags for an easy in/out transition, you can giant stride off the side, or there’s a convenient platform where you can walk up/down a ladder built into the water.

There’s also an area where snacks are sold around lunchtime and bathrooms with running water (including a shower and large changing area).

Grab your gear (or rent from their all-inclusive shop) and go diving at Pennyroyal Scuba Center! There are a couple hotels in the area that offer a diver discount, but if you’re wanting to make it a more economical trip, check out Pennyroyal’s onsite cabins! There aren’t many available, so book them early! Find accommodation information here. And lastly, if you’re really looking for an adventure, you can even camp at Pennyroyal (for a small fee) and take advantage of the night diving and be the first ones in the water in the morning.

For any additional information like hours of operation, FAQs or contact information, please visit Pennyroyal’s website atĀ


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